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Over a year ago, after a several year hiatus from any form of exercise, I realized that age (I’m 54) and inactivity was taking its toll on me. Long, stressful work hours were a great excuse to grab food on the go and skip exercising. I had gained weight and was noticing that my balance and mobility were declining faster than I’d like to admit. I decided that I wanted to lose weight and started there. As I lost weight, I realized that I also needed to work on flexibility, strength and balance. I started working out with Casey about a year ago and have met with him 3-4 times a week. He met me where I was and was patient and encouraging.  He has made modifications where needed and incorporates stretching where I have limitations. We’ve slowly increased the intensity of the workouts and increased the weight. I’ve lost 65 pounds and can actually see muscle developing. My results are so much more than I had imagined.  Building my schedule each week and being able to work out wherever I am is working very well for me. Not wasting time driving to the gym allows me to fit workouts in so easily and Casey will adapt to the equipment I have on hand. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, I would highly recommend Casey.

Tory M.

My name is Anne and I work out because I fell on March 9, 2020 playing with my grandson who was six years old and I broke my left shoulder. After physical therapy I still did not have full range of motion. I was fortunate to know Casey through my son who  has worked out with Casey for around 20 years! I work out twice a week with Casey. It has made such a big difference!

I am a 75 year old grandmother who has always been active. I lost weight and muscle after the accident and my arms became saggy. I was discouraged.

I used to go to the chiropractor two to three times a month! I have not needed to go since working with Casey! 


I just moved August 1, 2020 to a location where I could learn to play pickleball. The first thing I told Casey was I wanted to learn how to play pickleball and needed help building up my arms. I now play pickleball for two hours with no problems and thoroughly enjoy it! My coordination has never been better.!


Cassey has been a blessing to me..... and the convenience of zoom makes it even better, If you have a physical goal you will not be disappointed, just surprised at the things you thought you could not  do "you can!!!"


Best Wishes to all!

Anne B.

My name is Danielle Hirsch, I'm a working mom of 50 years old and I've been training since I was 16 years old. Training for me is part of my life and I believe it is essential for my physical, mental and emotional health!

I've been training with Casey for 5 years now and I believe he is a great trainer. I trust him and I can see he knows what he is doing. He has a lot of knowledge and also the ability of observing and understanding the needs of each particular individual. I've been training with him twice a week besides playing tennis. The work I've been doing with Casey not only helps me as a tennis player, but it also makes me feel stronger and healthier.

Danielle H.

Casey Noble has been my personal strength coach for the past two years. His intensive strength coaching process and online personal training format have helped to transform my life. There was a time when I was terribly out of shape and felt weak. I had knee pain, back pain, you name it. I was resigned to the idea that my "dad bod" was part of the natural order of things--that I was getting old. After embracing his strength coaching program, I've never felt better, stronger, or healthier. Honestly, I didn't think I could achieve these results. If you're like me, a busy professional with a family, and you're looking for real results without all the time, baggage, and vanity that comes with a gym membership I highly recommend Casey Noble and his program.

Brad L.

I am a 47-year old busy female physician and mother of three children.  I first sought out a personal trainer about 10 years ago with the goal of strengthening my core after having kids and to reestablish an exercise routine.  I have to say that I hit the jackpot when I found Casey!  His personable and professional nature immediately puts you at ease. He applies his large fund of knowledge and experience into developing workouts targeted to your individual needs and goals, and builds in a variety of exercises so you are never doing the same workout twice.  I’ve been working with Casey 2 days a week for over ten years and remain interested and motivated.  I was a Division 1 college athlete and I can truly say that my core has never been stronger!

Colette H.

I’m a 50-year-old male, ex D1 college athlete.  I started working with Casey about 10 years ago, when I really started realizing that age and a busy life were taking a toll on my fitness.  Casey has made a huge positive impact for me.  I have trained with Casey twice a week, initially in person, but remotely for the last four years.  We have always focused on core strength, and my core muscles and fitness are much better today than 10 years ago, which is remarkable to me.  


I have been incredibly impressed that Casey always puts so much thought and variety into our workouts.  His workout plans are always, fun, challenging and effective.  Casey has also been extremely patient, flexible, and understanding, so that we don’t miss many appointments, despite me still being a busy professional.  I know I would not have made 10 years of effective training with any other trainer.   

Miles H.

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